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i was happy with koodo for few years, but in may i went centre point mall in yonge and steels ..store call wow and they work for koodo as well as fido and chtr and some other..those guys offer me new phone samsung s4 and with my tab i could get new phone after day or 2 during call there was air sound and beep beep,i called koodo for repair or they can fix it from there,he took while i almost call every day nothing happened and i found that they gave it to me was return phone and because i was nt pay attention around sales person when he opened cell phone box ,and he did not tell me i have 15 days warranty and he didnt give me any papers for phone and didnt tell waranty tart tonight and not tomorrow and after 16 days i went there and oh 15 days passed we can not change it..koodo repair waist my time and right now i got used cell and i have to pay 365.00 tab..all you know when you buy phone next day that phone is around 100 box..and koodo MG told add your phone in kijj and sell it and buy new phone ...no dear i will tell this fraud to facebook you tube any where i can until anyone do not deal with koodo any more

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We would love to assist you but can you try to write a full complete sentences and finish a single thought before adding another because what you've written is extremely hard to understand what your talking about or what you need exactly.
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It sounds like you went to a store that sells for multiple cell phone companies. They are the one that ripped you off and I would go back and talk to the manager.