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For a prepaid phone, do I purchase an unlocked phone with GSM or CDMA?

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Koodo does not support GSM and as for CDMA, you need to be in a CDMA only zone to activate it so it would have to be a HSPA phone.
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CDMA is dead in the water. You need a phone with SIM card capability. http://mobilesyrup.com/2013/10/17/telus-aims-to-shut-down-its-cdma-network-in-2015/ Ask your vendor for something AT&T compatible and you will be happy because they probably know nothing about Koodo. Talking out of school, but the network lookup tool at Bell may let you check out your target phone. http://support.bell.ca/Mobility/Network_coverage

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Once you see a GSM phone you like check it's specs by model number at GSMarena.com

Koodo doesn't have a 2G network so skip any information you see describing 2G

For the basic functionality and good speeds look for phones that show both 850 & 1900 Mhz 3G (hsdpa) bads.

For LTE look for a device that uses both the 1700 & 2100mhz bands

Your best device will support both 3G 850/1900mhz & 4G LTE 1700/2100mhz If you just can't figure a device out, Come back here and we'll help you