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Flexible Data Voice Packages!

We all know that every phone provider has relatively similar packages, and that the more data you want on your plan, the more talk & text you get as well in the package.  For a lot of people, the talk & text is far less of a need, and all we really want is more data, but not have to pay through the roof for it.

Solution?  Provide some more flexible packages where you can choose to upgrade either the data or the talk & text to the degree you want, and get cheaper rates for it.

So let's say I have the $35 lightweight plan, and I don't need more than 200 minutes, but I would like to have 1GB (or more) of data.  Allow me to increase my data but not my other features, so that I could have a 1GB data plan that's under $60.  Or vise versa, that I could choose unlimited minutes, but only have 300MB of data, in a plan that's less than $60.  This way you could have a $40-$50 plan that would allow you to toggle the amount of minutes-to-data ratio that you would like, depending if you are a heavier phone user or a heavier data user.

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There seems to be a bunch of similar "why not..." questions lately. In this case, people who would otherwise pay $60 dollars to get the data they need, would now pay less. This benefits Telus how? 🙂 Koodo's prepaid works a bit like this, and might be an option if your voice and data requirements aren't in line. But I think the pricing advantage isn't as good as back when I looked at it, and their are a couple other drawbacks to prepaid. Bundled plans mean that a certain group of people are paying "more" than they might otherwise. If you unbundle and add flexibility, you lose revenue.
that is exactly why i paid off my phone and switched to prepaid Now I buy the 1g booster and 500 min talk booster they don't expire and they give you the best rates