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Fixing the nexus 4

After few weeks with poor réception on my nexus 4, and being sure that it was a problem with my phone du to multiples search on the internet and confirmation from koodo tech that I should have a full strenght signal at home, I decided to fix it myself. Here is how. First, the symptoms. Signal strenght is not constant with the phone not moving, signal strenght will vary depending of the temperature of the phone, getting worst as the device heat up. Getting no service and not getting service after even in a good reception zone. The problem. Problem caused by poor contact between the antenna module and the motherboard. To fix, you have to open the phone. There is instructions for that on the internet. Note that if you screw it badly, your warranty will be void. Being careful here is the key.. The most délicate part is to remove the antenna module. Once done, you will see to small flat spring that line up with the antenna connection. Lifting them will make them getting better contact with the antenna. Just dont abuse on the lifting.... Reassemble the phone and enjoy better signal. This is not for everybody. I have good experience doing this kind of work. But this can help someone to diagnose his/her device and have it fixes.

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Actually by opening it up you void the warranty. There is a year long warranty on most phones, and koodo is aware that sometimes there are problems with the phone itself, and can send you a replacement phone for $25. Or if it is within the 14 days, you can return it to the store and get a new phone
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I do not recommend this as opening up the phone itself will void the warranty.
I 'm aware of that, but I was ok with that and the koodo kiosk advise me against sending my phone for repair as according to them, it was nomal behaviour, and all the repair center will do is a factory reset. So, I decided to fix it myself, knowing the risk so that other will know that such problem may happen a had some more argument... Now, I know also that the battery can be easily replaced, so now, you too know