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Fixed: Can receive but not send texts to one person (S4 Mini)

  • 30 August 2014
  • 3 replies

My mother (S4 Mini) was unable to receive texts from me (S3) for a few days. I could get all of her texts and there were no issues with calls. Solution: Turns out my messages were being interpreted as spam. Go into Messages, press the menu button, and go to Spam Messages. Every contact listed there is being blocked by your phone. Go back to Messages, press menu again, and enter Settings. Scroll down and uncheck Spam Settings. This worked for us.

3 replies

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(assuming you edited your title to include the word Fixed), thanks for editing the title! Many people wouldn't come back to post the solution to their problem and this could help others down the line!
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Thanks for the solution, Nicki!
HTC m8 doesn't have a spam box, it only has blocked contact's section and my friends arent blocked and I'm still not receiving it.