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First year warranty covers stolen?

I have had a moto x play for 7 months and it was stolen a 2 days ago. I have a police tracking number. I was wondering if there was any type of manufacturer warranty or first year warranty that could help me to replace my phone?

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Warranty is for manufacturer's defects.  Any stolen items will need to be handled by your home insurance policy
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You should suspend your line until you can resolve it. Maybe contact customer care to see what can be done but as far as I know it doesn't cover stolen. Check this link as well https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/warranty-covers-lost-or-stolen-phones
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Hey Charlotte,

Chadwick and Dennis are right! The 1-year manufacturer's warranty does not cover lost or stolen phones. Some credit card or insurance companies might offer protections for that. You may reach your financial institution or your insurance company to ask. You can also pay off your current Tab if you would like to use a new Tab towards the purchase of a new phone.

Hope this helps! 
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Just a reminder that if you declare your phone as lost or stolen, you will still be responsible for paying your full bill every month. If you have no intentions on replacing the phone, it might be a good idea to cancel the account.