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Hi there -

I am looking to get a new plan with tab for a phone. It is $40 for 24 months but then it is 83 / month (Thats ok). But when I go to checkout it says total due monthly $123? Can anyone explain this to me?


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83+40 = $123
It is your rateplan + tab = monthly bill
You could find more information here https://www.koodomobile.com/tab
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Plan + tab = 83+40=123.
Ps I highly suggest going tab medium instead. Youd be paying 58 a month vs 83 a month for the same plan for the "privilege" of paying less upfront. Or 25 plus tax or you'd be paying an extra 670ish dollars over the 24 months. I'd say not worth it at all.
$40 is the tab for 24 months. $83 is for your plan. If you want a cheaper monthly fee have a look at medium tabs. It will require more of a down payment but cheaper monthly fee. Plus you'll get a better monthly rate for the same plan. Cheaper over 24/months.