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Fido or Virgin...

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I've been looking to get the Note 5 else the G4. Koodo doesn't seem to plan to get either of these and have been telling people to go elsewhere. I have found similar plans to koodos with Virgin and Fido. What are peoples thoughts on these two?

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Go where ever you feel like offers you the best deal. But please do not switch carriers just because of a device unless the plans are the same.
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My thought is avoid Virgine and go with Fido. But honestly, a friendly advice would be Koodo!
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Hey John! At which location were you told that? I beleive that what the agent wanted to say is that since we don't know when/if we will have those models available, you have the option to purchase the device elsewhere and bring it over to us! As soon as we have more informaton concerning these devices we will announce it on our website and Facebook page 🙂 Take care!
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More value and better network with Virgin.
Just gotta deal with Bell-like customer service.
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Hi John,

Follow Koodo facebook page to see the latest devices. If you really want to purchase the Note 5 or G4, you can purchase it from Telus and bring it over to us. It saves you money unlocking your device.
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Ok. Misread what has been said on koodo Facebook posts. Will need something soon tho. The electrical on my phone is ... bad. Switching batteries and it still heats up and doesn't last most of the day. The G4 seems to have the best camera out of current phones but 700$ is a bit steep
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JohnC wrote:

Ok. Misread what has been said on koodo Facebook posts. Will need something soon tho. The electri...

Actually,  The new Samsung S6 Edge is in 2nd spot for best camera, just behind Sony's Z5 ( Not avialable in NA).  Followed by the Nexus 6p.   http://www.dxomark.com/Mobiles/Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-review-Top-ranking-Smartphone-has-the-Edge