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Hello! I have few questions to ask. I own my phone, so I dont have a contract. I would like to change my plan for one with data. My first question is, if I do it now, will it end my plan that I have and start right now with my new plan? Or will I finish the months with the plan I have and then start the new one? My others questions, lets say I realisez I dont need data, can I switch my plan direclty? As soon as I want? And last question, the plan 25$ talk and text, can I call everywhere in Quebec without paying extra? (Im living in Quebec) Or is it only local, like my town in Quebec and the town around? Thank you very much!

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When you change your plan it will get prorated. So say you do it day 15 of th billing cycle you have half th usage of your old plan for 15 days and the second half with th new plan you will only get half. So if you get say a 1GB data plan, you will hav 500mb to use for 15 days. And if the old plan is 20 an new 30, you'll get a bill for 10+15 = 25 dollars. You can change your plan once per billing cycle. The 25 dollar talk and text an with 100 local minutes you can only call without extra charges within the local calling area. If you want to call all of QC, you will need either the 40 dollar version, or get the 35 dollar unlimited minutes and 500 MB plan. Then not only QC but all of Canada will b included as well.
Thank you!