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Feeling deceived by Koodo on LG G4 promo

I went to Koodo mobile at Mapleview mall on March 31st for the $0 LG G4 promo which expired that day, I did't have the proper ID with me at the time and was assured by the rep I could come back later in the week since the $0 promo was extended too April 4th. He even showed me the internal bulletin on his desktop, so I obviously believed him. I visited April 3rd with proper ID and was told the phone is now $150 and the promo expired!!!

When I called into Koodo the rep had no idea what I was talking about, I was put on hold for 10mins while he looked into the matter and came back with a "so sorry sir" excuse that all the information he has access to regarding sales & promos is pulled from current time koodomobile.com.

Really??? I find it hard to believe a major corporation like Telus/Koodo would supply their first line support team with such inadequate tools to handle a sales issue.

At least buy me dinner if your going to screw me Koodo!   

Not cool and very unlike Koodo, seriously not what I was expecting based on my past experiences.


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Yeah, I can also sense a definite change in Koodo..... I made a payment arrangement, and paid exactly what the payment arrangement stated and phone was still shut off. Even though I had an email stating exactly what was arranged when I spoke with an "associate" they told me, no, the entire balance was due. Totally ignoring their end of the arrangement. Also, not impressed. I have been a faithful customer for nearly as long as Koodo was created. Is this the way you treat long time customers now. They have lost that personable edge. Smells like Telus.
Don't sit back and accept that nonsense...go back and talk to that guy in person. Get his name. If he told you this and showed you the memo then you absolutely should get the discount. I would be hounding these people relentlessly. If he doesn't help you, contact the company directly and speak to someone and open a file. Don't let up until you get what they promised you. 
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@Kevin It wasn't the rep's fault, so let me fix that up for you. Will give you a call tomorrow if that's ok. LMK.
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I cannot speak for call centres that Koodo uses, but it's actually a common thing for companies to not give CSRs all the tools they need, especially first line. Or they must follow a specific flow chart and are not allowed to deviate from it. It's all up to the individual company. And they do usually try their best, and usually can only tell you what they know.

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and offering a resolution too my situation.

I picked up the G4 earlier today at my local Koodo.

I'm hoping you could call me one last time so we can finalize the details, I also have a quick question I'd like to ask you.

Thanks Bernard again for getting in touch with me so quickly and understanding my frustration.

Top notch service!