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  • 7 August 2019
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When I tried a factory reset on my new phone LG K9, it comes up to 'Delete all user data (including LG and carrier apps) and reset all settings? The two options are No (Exit) and Yes. I keep pressing the blue bar on yes, but nothing is happening and when I pressed the bar it did not flicker like it usually does. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Rikkster, you suggested I transfer the info from my old phone to my new one. You said I would need an adapter, but when I bought my LG3 Stylus3 I transferred the info from my old LG and did not have an adapter. Am I missing somethin


3 replies

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You could just let the power drain and it should just power on normally. Or power offanually.

Try using lg computer software to do a transfer of everything?
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Assuming you get past the password issue, the app you need is LG Switch. Works over wifi... no cables or physical connections needed. The interface is a bit kludgy, but it does work.

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Hi Gail,

Transferring your phones' data over public Wi-Fi, as mentioned in your previous post, would not be my first choice. You can still transfer files and data over Wi-Fi, however, I would recommend you do this from your home Wi-Fi network. Tethering two phones together might be old school, but it's the more secure method versus public Wi-Fi.


Back to the password problem.

Did you go through Google's initial setup phase prior to transferring some of your apps? Reason I ask, is because it's almost impossible to get past phone setup without Google insisting that you create or sign into an account.

There is an option to remotely reset your device with Android Device Manager. If you remotely reset your device using Android Device Manager, you need to enter a Google username and password associated with the device during the setup process.

LG Android Device Protection - info about remotely resetting your LG Phone

It's best to use Android Device Manager from your computer. Sign in with your Google account credentials to see if your LG K9 is displayed. Your old phone should display here if it was associated with your Google account. If the LG K9 is visible, click on it and you will see the option to erase. If you've never associated your older phone or your LG K9 with Google, neither phone will appear here.

Android Device Manager