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  • 5 August 2019
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I have forgotten my temporary password for my new LG K9 phone. I have tried a number of things, but nothing works. Can anyone help me?

Best answer by Robert T 5 August 2019, 04:32

Is it connected to the gmail account?
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Is it connected to the gmail account?
No. I had entered the temporary number and then began following the steps to transfer my data, apps etc. from my old phone to my new one. I was at a coffee shop using their wifi when it was closing. The next day I went to enter my temp pswd and realized I threw the paper with it out.
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The data on your old phone should still be intact. Check to make sure. Uninstall LG’s Mobile Switch app from both phones. Restart both phones. Install app to both phones and try the data transfer again. Worst case, factory reset your LG K9 if the password problem persists.

Another option. A USB OTG adapter allows you to connect two devices for the purpose of transferring data. LG’s Mobile Switch app supports this method. The adapter allows for secure transfer of data between two devices, no Wi-Fi needed.



LG Mobile Switch - see Android to Android via CABLE
Thank you Rikkster, but I cannot do anything until I can put in a new password. I went to the Koodo Kiosk at the Eaton Centre and the person there said he did not know how to do a factory reset!!

I went on You Tube and did it along with the 'expert' but what came up on my phone was different than on his and it was not asking me to reset my password.

This issue has not been solved! I do not know who put that up there.
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You can try the hard reset:

Thank you to Robert T., Rikkster, and Bob the Electrician,

Thanks for trying to help me with my problem. I ended up going to the Koodo Kiosk at College Park and they were able to bypass the password and get me into my phone.