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Faulty Phone?

My 2 year old Samsung Galaxy SII X is beginning to have serious problems. It will randomly freeze, shut off, and start buzzing until I remove the battery. As well, sometimes when I use the camera, it restarts my phone, and pictures aren't saved. Do I need to replace it?

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First try doing a factory reset of the phone from withinthe settings menu under accounts or backup and reset. First make sure to back up your contacts and photos ect to your Google account and/or Samsung account. Also make sure your running the most recent version of Android that the S2x has recieved which is 4.1 Jelly Bean I believe. If that doesn't work then yes a new phone might be a good idea.
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It's natural for phones to start to have some problems after 2 years. Since the warranty is over I think it would be your best option to get a new phone, First log into self serve and check if you have any tab remaining if you used a tab a when you bought your phone. Next, pay it off if there is any. Now you can pick any phone you want and use a tab again. Tab S $150 off Tab M $300 + $5 tab charge every month. Requires at least $30 or any of the current plans. Tab L $500 + $10 tab charge every month. Requires Tab L plans All new tabs clear after 2 years and Tab L is not recommended by most of us here as it's not a good deal. If you want any phone recommendations, just ask with the budget and your usual phone usage and we can recommend a phone for you 🙂
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Definitely time for a new phone. It was a great device when it first arrived but is reaching the end of its life cycle and won't be getting any updates beyond 4.1. As for a recommendation, I'd go with the Nexus 5. It's the closest in size to your S II X in Koodo's line-up (besides the also aging S III) but has significantly upgraded hardware, supports all 5 HSPA bands and several LTE bands + it comes factory unlocked so it's great to travel with.
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Jonathan I wrote:

Definitely time for a new phone. It was a great device when it first arrived but is reaching the ...

I second that recommendation unless you want to go all out with your next phone in which case I'd recommend the HTC ONE M8 which IMO is the best smartphone ever made and I couldn't be happier with mine, but then again I still love my Nexus 5 as well but basically for its timely Android OS updates as its lacking behind the M8 in every other area but not by all that much unless your a power user like us Mobile Master Device Junkies lol.
Thanks so much for the recommendations! I guess I will probably have to start looking into a new phone. I really liked my Samsung (minus the glitches) and I definitely do not want anything bigger than the SIIX- unfortunately I like the S5 but it's huge. I use my phone every day for texting mainly, surfing the net, and taking pictures (so a good camera is a must-have).