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Family Sharing Plans

  • 2 October 2014
  • 3 replies

Families are about sharing. Families are about connecting. As my kids are growing up I would like to give them phones and pay for their Koodoo phone plans so we can stay connected and share what's happening. Unlimited texting is great for this, but what about our social networks and pictures and video. It all takes data, some times lots and sometimes not so much. If there was a family sharing data plan, we could share more and stay connected even better!

3 replies

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Hi Murray, Are you looking for a plan that would allow a set amount of data to be shared (similar to what Telus, Bell, and Rogers are currently offering)? If you are asking for unlimited "social media" access between family members, this isn't possible as you are using data to access third party websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) so it would be impossible for Koodo to track this from a billing perspective. If your plan already includes unlimited text and MMS, you can share videos that way. Hope this helps.
Shared data plans, while people seem to think they're a good idea, really aren't, and I can give examples as to why they're a broken concept that people need to stop harping on. Say you've got three people sharing 20GB of data per month, a mother and two daughters; one in high school and the other in college. Mother uses 200MB of data per month, checking Facebook and playing a bit of Candy Crush. No big deal, right? College student does a bit more, around 6GB using a hotspot for a laptop when out and about, checking email and social networks, but no big issue. Now, we have our high schooler. She's into doing EVERYTHING on her phone, and sh l doesn't seem to know what WiFi is. Netflix, hotspots, the works. Using around 15GB per month. Now, if we do our math here, we get more than 20GB. This is where the issue is, there's no way to limit how much one user is using, cutting off those who aren't using as much.
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Koodo doesn't have data sharing plans but when you have multiple lines under 1 account, you guys have Free Koodo to Koodo family calling! It's a really nice plus imo.