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Koodo should have various shared family plans. For example, my husband and I both have koodo plans but can't pair up. It would be nice to share data between two phones on a family plan. We will have two teens in the house by January and being able to add our teenagers to a family plan would give us piece of mind when they are out with friends. It would be nice to have a family bundle for data, texting and individual needs in a family plan. I'd love to be able to also control usage for my teenagers on their phones like how much data their phone can use on the family plan, what phone numbers they can access (900 # being blocked or if my pre-teen is on the plan he would have a phone that could only call specific phone numbers like mom and dad's cell, his siblings, home, emergency numbers, etc). A fully customized family plan!

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We need to get this messagw to Koodo. It will take everyone in the Koodo community to voice this opinion on high at Koodo. COMMON EVERYONE, JOIN IN ON THIS ONE. PLEASE SHARE.
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Telus (Koodo's parent) has shared-data plans already, so I'm not sure why Koodo would be in any hurry to introduce this. Shared data would presumably be one of the main reasons why an aware consumer would choose Telus over Koodo, so unless someone else launches this in the flanker-brand space and starts sucking away lots of customers, I wouldn't hold my breath. Putting data limits on specific phones within a shared pool, or limiting to an arbitrary list of outgoing phone #s, would require work both for a user interface and probably in the back-end, and there might not be enough demand to make this worthwhile.
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Telus (Koodo's parent) has shared-data plans already, so I'm not sure why Koodo would be in any h...

Rogers did it for some time with their firefly cell phone geared to pre-teens. It can be done. Just because Koodo's parent company (who is more geared to corporate accounts, that's how they started) does shared data doesn't mean Koodo shouldn't offer the same services for a better price.