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Failed to obtain IP address

I just got a Samsung Grand Prime and when i got home I tried to connect my wifi.....it did not work. It constantly says Failed to obtain an IP address. Can anyone help PLEASE.I tried changing to static and it said it "connected" but wouldn't load anything. 

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First restart you device Goto wifi an forget the network Now unplug your home router Wait 30 seconds an plug it back in. Wait for the router to re-establish the network and try connecting to it again. Let us know .
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Hello Allie, 

Has Chad's advice worked? Can you connect to your wi-fi now? Please let us know!
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If Chad's suggestion did not work, try changing your wifi settings with something like:


I tried a lot of stuff....I even called koodo and talked to bell (my wifi) I don't know what finally made it work but it's working now