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Failed to close my account

I called months ago to close my account,as I was no longer using it. They failed to do so. When I realized that it was still open, I tried to call in. They couldn't find my account, however I'm still being billed for it. Then the service representative disconnected his call with me and failed to call me back. So now I have to wait another half hour or more for a call back. I'm so disappointed in the customer service with this place that is now charging me over $300 for an account that hasn't been used in over a year. Its even effecting my credit rating? Can this be reported to the BBB?

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Hello Valerie.

Yes it affects your credit score. It's very unfortunate what happened, I must agree with you. 

In order to solve the problem, you would need to call in because there's no other way to close the account except calling in. Try calling in the morning when there's less people. Also, have in hand the your account no. (so they can find the account without any doubt) and the bills that they charged you for nothing. Please mention you already called to close your account. If you remember the date you have called, tell them so they can see the call log on that day. 

If it's an error from their side, I'm sure they will credit you all the money. As for your credit score, I'm afarmai there's nothing to be done unfortunately. 
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Exact same thing happened to me and they sent my $480 bill over to a collection agency and koodo wouldn't deal with me whatsoever. Easily the worst service I've gotten from a phone company, (never using koodo again). Now when I try to log in my regular koodo account it says it can't be accessed, so I can't even look at my billing history.. don't know why or how they screwed me over so bad, but to top it off I can't unsubscribe to this forum and its just spam to my email now. Not looking for a fix to this cause I tried for a week straight to get this figured out with koodo and they couldn't help me at all, so just warning yall koodo ain't as precious as it seems. 3 months where my phone was not connected to a phone service at all, yet I got charged a full amount each month plus late payment charges for bills I didn't even get notified by.
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Now I gotta lived with this fucked up credit score and still in debt that $500 to my parents, cause I can't get a credit card. Pretty much has put me in a depression since November and Koodo basically told me they could care less, it's not in their hand anymore, which was bs.
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If there was an error Robert, then the credit score can be adjusted by contacting the credit score companies in Canada, Trans Union and Equifax, and it can be adjusted.

Paul, I'm sorry to hear that happened. What did the Koodo rep you spoke with tell you when you wanted to view your history? You can unsubscribe to this forum by clicking on your name and point section just to the left of your profile pic on the top right of this site. Go to Profile. Then email and notifications and in there you can disable notifications or remove your address.

What happened in your attempts to resolve this for 3 months when your phone was disconnected? Koodo would prefer a regularly monthly customer to getting a small percentage of what you owe via a collections agency as a one time payment.
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Unfortunately I can't log in to my koodo account in order to unsubscribe my self. And throughout those 3 months I was clueless that I was being billed cause I was not being notified, until I was called by the collection agency. I understand that, I really don't think it was done on purpose, but it was extremely sloppy service on their part and they just said they couldnt help me at that point. It was just extremely frustrating and unprofessional to the point that I've boycotted the company.