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I have a Samsung Galaxy s5. The front camera lens dropped, a manufacturer defect on many s5 phones. I have the extended warranty plan and was charged $49 + tax for a replacement due to physical damage. I was told I had to deal with Samsung directly if I insisted on it being a manufacturer defect. I don't understand why it is considered physical damage, not manufacturer defect?

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Manufacturer defects are covered under the manufacturer's warranty, which means repairs are free, but requires that the phone be sent back to the manufacturer. The extended warranty is meant to cover damage that falls outside of the manufacturer's warranty, but does require you to pay the $49 deductible.
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I don't recall seeing any articles that a broken/missing camera lens was a known defect; that sounds like physical damage to me. Care to share any links to this? Unless Samsung issues a recall due to a large number of consumers reporting it, any pieces falling off/missing is classified as physical damage and isn't covered under standard warranty.