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Extended coverage

  • 12 March 2016
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Does Koodo use extended coverage anywhere outside of Manitoba? I live in Southern Alberta and EXT is available from my network search list in settings on my phone but cannot connect to it.

9 replies

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Unfortunately no...The extended coverage, which is provided by ROGERS, is now only available within the area where Koodo doesn't cover in MB. For any other provinces, you will not be able to get access to it, even if you see EXT on your phone. I am in ON and EXT is in the search list. But I can't pick it up.
Had to ask because on my drive today EXT appeared in the top left corner of my lock screen for a couple seconds
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What does EXT mean and what does it do example thanks
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What does EXT mean and what does it do example thanksEXT means extended coverage. For example, most of the area in MB is not covered by Koodo. In this circumstance, Koodo phone will get access to the extended coverage which is actually ROGERS network. At this time, the phone will show EXT instead of Koodo. Such service is only available for postpaid users when they are in MB.
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What does EXT mean and what does it do example thanksThanks for the info
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Is there any extended coverage provided by ICE Wireless?
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Is there any extended coverage provided by ICE Wireless?Hey Daniel,
I am not sure if you found the answer yet. The answer is "no," Telus/Koodo does not use extended coverage by ICE wireless.
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I have heard that Bell bought MTS and even prepaid plans has access to extended coverage as long as they are on Telus Network. Please confirm that news because I am not hundred percent sure. 
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As you know there are only three major networks now: Telus (Koodo, PM), Bell (Virgin) and Rogers (Fido, chatr). There is agreement in place that allow them roam on each others network with some limits and certain period of time. Although rates are hugely discounted in most cases they don't want their users to access extended coverage as a cost cutting measures. There could be virtually access to extended coverage everywhere but it is up to Telus, Bell and Rogers to allow it.