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EXCITED! My S9 now being updated with Android Pie and One UI

  • 8 February 2019
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I am curious to know what happened to the update Tonight is Feb 7 and I was hoping for a good surprise. Click the software update which I have been doing 3x in the last 1 week and today is my lucky day!

Download 1.8GB in about 5 minutes or so and now S9 is installing the system updates. Wish me luck friends. Try it wwho know you also will get the same lucky streak!

Now 43% installing

2 replies

Just complete the whole install. Have not checked detail changes but the look and feel is now different. Like having a new phone again 🙂
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Yeah we recived it on the S9 and Note 9 yesterday morning and so far it seems like an ok update but nothing amazing like I had of hoped so I'll be sticking to using my iPhone XR as my main device, th gestures are too perfect and make using a smartphone so natural and smooth to interact with.
Was excited to try the new gestures on the S9 in this update but what a let down they're laughable how bad they're designed, I mean it's more movements to do the same actions the buttons do so idk why thy even tried with this weak attempt.
Never in a million years would I think I'd be loving iOS over Android but it's happened. To take all this time to get an update and then be so underwhelmed I think Samsung isn't for me anymore.