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I exchanged my samsung galaxy s2x for another samsung gs2 because the other one was too slow even though I purchaced it three days ago. Well the one I switched it for is even worse. Ive used it for half an hour and its lagging, keyboard isnt working- i click on another letter and another letter gets displayed, and it is soooo slow. At the store when the koodo sales person gave me this phone, the screen cover was all scratched up, i asked her if it can be replaced and she said i had to pay for it. I paid for a new screen cover for no reason. I gave a brand new phone in for a used one. I paid 339 dollars for a used device????? I didnt know that when you exchange they give you an old device.What can i do??

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My other phone was way better, I wish I hadnt switched it. Even hough t was slow, it wasnt this bad. :(((
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Double posted.