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Excellent Customer Service!

Today, I called in to change my phone number because I am moving to a different city. My assistant on the other line told me that it would be $20 to change my phone number on the phone, but free if I changed it online. I would also be able to view all my options if I did it online. I was shocked because most customer service representatives would love the commission they received from the sales they make, so I told him I would attempt to do it online and call back if I couldn't figure it out. He told me that he would stay on the phone and walk me through the online process. He was very patient and kind and walked me through the whole process, taking roughly 20-30 minutes of his time for (I assume) no commission. 

I will try to recommend Koodo to anyone who is looking for a provider. It is the best customer service I had ever had. I don't know who helped me on the other line, but he deserves a raise! 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me.

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Appreciate the feedback Jungai! Our customer service reps don't make commissions on changing services. Indeed there is a fee if you ask them to do it for you (it's actually $10), but totally free if you do it yourself. We are a self serve kind of company so we try the give people all the tools to themselves.