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ex AT&T Galaxy Note 3

I have a AT&T factory unlocked Galaxy Note 3. Now that I am back in BC, I have it working on Koodo. I would like to update this phone to Lollipop 5. When I go into the update section of the settings menu, and initiate an update, I get a message that "No software is available for your phone at this time the update was interrupted, try again in 23 hours and XX minutes. I notice that at the top of the update page, that the AT&T server is listed, so assume that the phone is trying to get the update from AT&T. How can I persuade my phone to go to the Koodo server to look. My son also has a Note 3, which he has updated already with no problem. I have tried going into the mobile networks area of the connections menu. Under access point names, Koodo is listed. yet if I go into the network operators section, I see "search for AT&T MicroCell" How can I get this phone to go to Koodo to get the update?? Many thanks, Dave.

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You can't do anything to get an over the air update pushed to your phone faster, you just have to wait until AT&T pushes the update to your phone since it's an AT&T device. Also Koodo never sold the Note 3 so they have nothing to do with updating the device. Your son received the update because whichever carrier he bought the phone from has pushed out an update for their Note 3.
Thank you Paul. I'm sure that I was reading that AT&T had released the update already, but I guess I'll keep waiting.
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Thank you Paul. I'm sure that I was reading that AT&T had released the update already, but I gues...They may have begun rolling it out but they push to a small amount of them first and slowly ramp up the number of them they're pushing it to just incase they start getting reports of any bugs from users. This helps prevent everyone possibly being stuck with a device that isn't working properly so it's a good thing but it sucks waiting I know, I was dying for months waiting for my Note 4 to receive 5.0.2 but it was worth the wait IMO.
Thanks again Paul!! You are very helpful