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I have an Android MotoX. I am traveling in Europe & have purchased a text/data/ calling add-on through KOODO. When I'm out, & trying to use Google maps, I get the message"off line ' or "unable to connect". (I have my data & roaming turned on)...Why can I not connect to Google maps???

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Double check that you have enabled in self-serve Pay-per-use international long distance, international voice roaming, and International Data Roaming. They are zero dollar add-ons. Afterwards restart your phone, pull ou your Sim card and back in again Also 50MB is very little data for Google maps. I'd suggest either getting a local prepaid Sim for data or downloading an offline GPS app and get some maps when you're connect ed to wi-fi.
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Some good offline GPS apps are : Here and NavFree.

Also, is the problem limited to Google Maps only? Or you can not access internet at all?