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esecuritel claims

I was wondering if anyone has used the extended warranty service.

I would like to know if the 7$ a month is worth keeping since I've been only seeing negative comments and reviews for koodo's extended warranty from esecuritel. 

Ive just got the S6 and im hesitant in keeping the ext. warranty...

If anyone has filed a claim, please let me know of your experience during the process !

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It's worth it for a premium device like an S6 early on its life cycle, especially if it's water damage because that's difficult to fix. As for physical damage, screen replacements are generally at least $150 to begin with, and the repair person might not honor their work. If a drop doesn't break the screen, then it could affect the SIM tray or other internals. Charging ports are also kind of fickle.

If the phone was around the $200 range, it wouldn't be as cost effective and I wouldn't recommend it.
Thanks for the advice! But i would still like to know if someone has already gone through the process of using Esecuritel and if it was pretty straight forward or a nightmare... 😕
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From the customers I used to sell eSecuritel to, they liked it. You just call them, tell them the phone is broken, they'll charge the card they have on file the deductible fee, and ship you the new device. You then have 45 days - if I remember correctly - to send back the old one. I believe they provide a return mailer as well.
Pretty cool. Thanks a lot for the informative answers!
Esecuritel is a looser company, their service in french language is mediocre, they gave me wrong information by saying that I have to inform them about the defect within 30 days but in the contrary it's printed that it is 60 days. I asked to talk with a supervisor, 5 minutes later a supervisor talked to me, I asked him his employee number, he told me he doesn't have. When I insisted he gave me his phone extention number 242 and his name is Guy while what I noticed his french is not his first language, and who knows what he is saying it real or wrong. I asked for his director he told me he doesn't have a director. Very strange answers showing lot of lies, even more he accused me of insulting him because I ask these questions. He also told me that he is helping me and doing favor to me, I explained him that this is not a favour, I paid for this service for more than a year and expect to have the serviceI paid for. As a phone I don't suggest to buy it it's HTC one M8, camera and sound not good, reliability of the phone very bad, 3 problems one after the other mainly the top of the screen not sensitive as well as part of screen yellowish and the battery gets overheated within one year of use. Next choice it won'tbe nor Koodo company nor HTC phone.
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Adel Dimitri wrote:

Esecuritel is a looser company, their service in french language is mediocre, they gave me wrong ...

Please don't revive year old threads. If you have a current issue, please post a new thread.

Also, Esecuritel is a 3rd party warranty provider. Koodo has nothing to do with the claims made.