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Error Leads to Failure of Add On(Can the charge be removed?)

On Thursday Aug 25th I drove to the US from Canada and I was using my data on the way for my GPS app. I had decided to just receive the roaming charges because I was only intending to be there for a few hours. Once I got to the US I turned my data off. When I was ready to go back to Canada my phone had switched from Koodo to T-Mobile and I could not use the data because I was offline. So I texted 3ALL to Koodo to get 150MB of data but it did not work even though it said the roaming add on activated it later said there was an error. My phone (a Motorola Google phone) was useless and I had to use a different GPS system to get home. Yesterday I got an email that said I have been charged for the the add on even though it did't work. It expires Aug 29th at 12:01am and I am not even in the US. I only add it because it was an emergency and the add on was useless. Is there a way for me to have this charge removed from my bill or am I stuck with paying the fee?

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Did you turn on your data/roaming in your phone's settings after you sent the 3ALL text?
Yes, several times as well as restarting my phone prior and after attempting to turn on the data.

I texted Koodo saying that my data is not working and they responded:

 "Your attempt to turn your data back on has not been successful due to an incorrect response. Please try again(your account will not be double charged if you were buying more data)".  

I thought this meant text 3ALL again and you wont be charged twice. So when I did that it I received a text saying:

"Error! Sorry we were NOT Able to add this to your account. Please call *611 for assistance. Its's a  free Koodo call".

When I did there was no ring.

When I got back to Canada and came home I called the number but the automatic voice responses said that they were closed and I will be charged $10 for speaking to a rep.  

So I think it was added when I came back to Canada or the day after because I did this Thursday and I have it until Sunday at 12:01 am.
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ahmedahmed_15 wrote:

Yes, several times as well as restarting my phone prior and after attempting to turn on the data....

@ Ahmed, the feature was successfully added to your account on the 25th of August.  When in the US we, like everyone else, rely on US carriers networks and connections. So the feature works as long as there is coverage in the area yo are in at any moment. I hope that explains things.