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Error in charging on online purchase

Hi, My friends here in Alberta is in Kodoo and told me good news about it. So this morning I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a plan for it.After filling up the details including the credit card details, I confirmed the order and there was an error appeared apparently they cannot get a response from my bank and I won't be charged for the purchase. So I checked again my credit card details and purchase the same online. But I got another error after. I have checked my online banking and a purchase was posted on the pending transactions done twice at Kodoo Mobile webstore Scarborough. I can't get hold of the customer service and needed someone to talk to about this. Would you guys know if there are any numbers that I can reach Kodoo aside from the numbers here at the website? Telus can't help me either. please help Norman

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You should try contacting the koodo webstore at: 1-866-768-9300
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Glenda wrote:

You should try contacting the koodo webstore at: 1-866-768-9300

YEs contact the webstore they handle any online orders or any issues you may have.
Thanks for the reply guys. I called the number but it wasn't on service maybe because it's a holiday. I will try again tomorrow.