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I had this epp plan discount for bout a year andthen i cancelled it coz my mom is not using it at all. So this dept told me that i can come back anytime within 90 days and i can still get my discount and everything,so i open again a new number in same account hoping that i can get my discount. Coz i asked 4 diff agent and they told me that theres nothing t worry about it that i will stillget my discounted thing anyways. And then when i got my bill it shows that i dont have any discount at all and the agent that i talked to said theres no notes from other agents that i talked to about this epp plan. Is there a way i just cancel it and return the phone to them coz theyre giving me false statement tho. I know u can only return ur phone wuthin 15days but maybe theres an exception if theyre giving customer a false statement. I can ask my manger to email koodo about the epp plan but he's on leave so theres nobody cab fix it for me.

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As far as returning the phone you do only have 15 days to return it for any reason.  While it's pretty tough to know for sure why they were saying you could keep your discounted rate I do have a question did you set up a new account or activate your new phone on the old account (if there's any notes that's where they would be).

Unfortunately it would most likely take your manager to get a new phone/account onto the EPP plan.
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I just had a new number under the same account. I dont know if those agent put a note but an agent told me that he didnt see any notes on my account. Manager was on leave for 3 months i believe.