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Entire Samsung line... Note 3, Note 4, tablets, smart watch... and accrssories. Tab purchases

Koodo offers many good phones, however branching out into some additional products could increase sales.  Too avoind large inventory overhead, have them be online purchases only.
I am a fan of the Samsung line, but would like to be able to get more through Koodo.  If the tablets and even the smart watch were available, and people could apply their tab towards them, there is potential for multiple items purchased.

Also, a broader selection of accessories would also be beneficial. 

Again, if tab credits could be applied toward the purchase of additional ahrdware or accessorices, more clients may be inclined to purchase them through Koodo.

Also, I would love to see some family share plans through Koodo.  I have a far superior plan (both cost and inclusions), and better coverage than my husband, but I haven't been able to convince him to make the switch.  If Koodo offered 'share' plans, there is great potential for famalies to get on board.  (An additional benefit is having a singular bill)

Thanks for listening to my ideas 🙂


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This includes several ideas. It'd be better if you posted the ideas separately. As far for family sharing, I'd love to be able to share data so I fully support that. However, all talk and text between numbers on the same account is free.