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English Rose needs help!

Hi! I am travelling from the UK and I am looking for a prepaid data nano and micro sim. please could you advise me of how and where I can buy such a sim. We are driving from seattle. Also what would be the best one to get and cost. Thanks in advance x

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They are only available from Koodo boutiques, generally island shops in major shopping malls. What's your first main Canadian destination?

Each one is $20, but comes with a $20 credit when you activate, so effectively free but devlishly difficult to find unless you know where to look.
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Hi Kate, you'll find our Koodo stores on this link http://koo.do/1FGnrCE. For information regarding our prepaid plans & boosters, click here http://koo.do/1RuY1i1 :) Welcome to Canada!