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End of contract now want it to change for prepaid service

I have a phone with koodo. My contract is now done and I want to put it on prepaid service but still with your compagnie. How am I supposed to do it ? Do I have to pay extra charge for delocked it even if I am with your compagny ?

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You go get a prepaid SIM card from your local Koodo kiosk and then activate a new prepaid account with that SIM.
Once activated you'll be able to port your current postpaid number to your new prepaid account. Do not close your postpaid account this will happen automatically when you port the number.
You will not need to unlock the phone since your still going to be with koodo.
So no extra charge if I am with koodo again ?( no unlock charge ?) I juste need to go buy a prepaid card and a "Sims" card to reactivate the phone ? How do I get a "SIM" card if I re-use my old phone who dont have one anymore ? Cause I buy some time (prepaid) for my phone but need à SIM card....
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It is a koodo phone so you don't have to unlock it. Unlocking is fre now regardless. You need to get a Prepaid sim card. The sim card is what you put in the phone that's linked to your account. You can buy one at a koodo store or anywhere that sells Koodo sim cards, like Walmart or Best Buy.
Thanks a lot for your help 🙂
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All you need for prepaid is one prepaid SIM card. ( and top up voucher(s) if you don't want to use your credit card.)
SIM is $20, but comes with $20 credit.  Activate your SIM and you pick your base plan during activation.   You can pick $15 text only plan  or plan with minutes or minutes + data.

You can't use your current postpaid/monthly SIM, so take it out and put a new prepaid card in your phone.   You can buy a booster you want depends on your needs which won't expire as long as you renew your base plan. 

If you register your credit card, you will receive FREE 100 minute Talk Booster add-on, also you will receive 10% credit back when you register for auto top up.  So it's better using CC to manage your prepaid account 🙂