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Email Notification Issue.

  • 27 June 2013
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Samsung galaxy s2x phone... I have two gmail accounts and both have been syncing fine with email notifications appearing across the top of my phone for both... for some reason I am no longer receiving notifications of email received on one of my two gmail accounts. This has really got me stumped. My calendar and contacts info is all syncing fine on both accounts... and I am still receiving and sending email on both accounts... just not getting the notifications at the top of my phone for email on one acct. I checked the settings of both gmail accounts online and both appear to be the same. I also checked the settings on the phone for both accounts and again no difference. Lastly, I removed the offending account. Restarted the phone and added it again... but still not receiving email inbox notifications... sigh. Community help greatly appreciation! ~Mike

8 replies

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Are you using the built in email app or the Gmail app?
the Gmail app
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the Gmail appGoogle is explaining this topic on how you can activate notification/sync with Gmail accounts in his Notifications Help page https://support.google.com/mail/answer/3038600?hl=en
the Gmail appthanks for that link Mat-- its quite a nice troubleshooter
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Check and be sure that it set to notify on each new message and not just the first on a thread. If all else fails grab K9 mail from the app store and use that for mail instead. It's a much richer experience and easier to configure. If you do use it unsync your Gmail mail from the phone settings (you can leave the calendar settings alone)
Chad -- I just received a notification on the offending gmail account... then tested it by sending a note between that accounts and received the test as well.... this must have been something with the local 4G Koodo network... but thank you for checking in so quickly to take a look at this
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No problem,i still recommend K9 over the Gmail app however. Even though that's not what you're asking. 🙂
Thanks again Chad-- I've had the phone for 4 months now and it has been working really well. But if this odd notification error occurs again I will be sure to take a look at the K9 app you've recommended.