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Eliminate pocket dialing with Nexus 4

I have a new Nexus 4 and a Jawbone Bluetooth earpiece. When I make or get a call on the Bluetooth, my phone does not return to the main menu, but stays on the contact list and "pocket dials". Is there a setting I can change to make the phone return to he home page and turn off.

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There no setting on the default dialer to stop the log from appearing after a call, however you can change the app that is used to make calls. My favorite was ExDialer. This free app available from the play store is a replacement for your built in Dialer and Contacts app. It allows themeing customization of the dialing screen, and the contacts list. Goto the settings and just uncheck view calls. Check it out on the play store.

Keep your phone out of your pocket, elminate pocket dialing 😉.
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