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E-mail Problem - sometimes, it takes up to 45 minutes to receive an email from a friend/colleague

Phone: Alcatel One Touch Pop Icon (7040T).
Koodo Plan: 500mb/500 min
O/S:     Android 4.2.2

Problem: Whether using the built in 'Email' app., 'Gmail' app., or 'Outlook' app., sometimes it takes upwards of 45 minutes from the sent time, for my phone to receive the email.

Mode: Either Wi-fi or Data will replicate the problem.

Apps used: Email (built-in), Gmail,Outlook.

I have done the following, none of which have solved the problem:

(1) Uninstall & reinstall the mail apps.

(2) Replace & remove battery, reboot phone

(3)Turn off phone, Up Volume + Power button - scroll to Wipe cache, Reboot

(4) Turn off phone, Up Volume + Power button - scroll to Factory reset, Reboot, reinstall all apps.

This is not acceptable as a form of communication.
Please don't tell me to make a phone call if I want reliabliity. If that were the case, none of us would have purchased expensive so called smart phones.

Question to Koodo Employee: Do Koodo customers receive lower priority than Telus customers, when it comes to receiving emails?

Any other suggestions?

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Check your notification settings and see how frequently your phone scans for new emails.
Also make sure you don't have any other apps that could conflict with it.
Make sure I don't have other apps that could conflict with it?

Please be more specific as that comment is quite vague and not helpful.
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Hey Jason!  There is no priority when it comes to the Koodo/TELUS brands. The only connection between Koodo and the email reception is the data connection that is provided to receive emails.  Your incoming emails are forwarded to your device by your email provider servers, at a frequency determined by your handset settings.  As Mitchell mentioned, it could be that your device is set to check emails every X amount of minutes instead of every minute. You can go into Apps->Email->Menu->Settings->choose your account->incoming setting to check out the settings of incoming messages.  Hope this helps!