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Duplicate a plan no longer offered.

Hi Koodo, my wife and I are currently under the same account with 2 phones and two different numbers. We have different plans, my wife has a plan not offered by Koodo anymore, is there a way I can have the same plan as hers? Duplicate it so we both have the same plan?

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Unfortunately No, if a plan is no longer offered then there's no way to add it. It's no longer available in the system to add it to the account. I do feel your pain and wish I could tell you yes but it's simply not possible.
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Unfortunately, one of the inherent parts of promotional plans is that they are offered for a limited time. And once they are gone, you cant activate or switch to the promo plan. But as time goes by there are new plans that come out from time to time. So I would just keep my eyes open for a plan that works better for you.