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Dual SIM usage with Honor 5x


I'm considering getting the Honor 5x, which is a dual sim phone. As with most dual sim phones, only one of the sims works on 4G at a time - the inactive one works on 2G.

I plan to have a Koodo talk and text sim paired with a separate data sim. Obviously I would want the data sim to use the 4G when it's in use, but I've heard that Koodo does not work at all on 2G, so my question is: will I still receive messages if the Koodo sim is relagated to 2G? I don't use voice very much, so I don't mind switching to make phone calls, but receiving texts is much more important.

And yes, I know I could just use VOIP on the data sim, but I frequently travel to areas where data reception is spotty, so it's important for me to keep my main number on talk and text.

Here are the frequencies the Honor 5x operates on:

FDD B2/B4/B5/B12/B17 
UMTS B1/B2/B4/B5 
GSM 850/900/1800/1900

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No. Koodo does not have a 2G network, so if the koodo sim is in a 2G only sim slot, it will not connect at all.
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Are you sure the non data sim is held on a 2G network? I have a Blu Wind HD dual sim and both sims were always available even though data was only active on one sim. If it's true that the Honor only uses the 2G frequencies ,then unfortunately you won't have any service when then non Koodo Sim data is open.
Thanks, guys!

Chad, yes, I think so. Certainly, that's what the the official line is about the Honor. Unless there's some ambiguity about what 2G and 3G actually mean. Maybe some of the bands the Honor is limited to would be considered 3G? I don't know how it works, but I've heard people on other forums talking about how only the Rogers network will work in this way on most dual sim phones.

I know both slots work with 4G - but only one at a time - the other one is limited. So if I have data enabled, presumably I won't get messages.