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Don't go with koodo!!

Two years i was a customer and i had to cancel my service because of data charges. I use wifi for internet and only turn on packet data to send pictures which is the ONLY way to send or receive them with the galaxy ace. Unlimited pictures and messaging was supposed to be included in my plan yet anytime i sent pictures i was charged 5.00. So i cancelled. The customer service i have received over the past couple of years has been horrible. 150 dollar tab in that time and i still owe 22.00. After i called and cancelled, koodo had the nerve to tack on an additional 5.00 data charge and i hadn't even used the phone as i had already gotten a new phone with telus. The lady i had spoke to told me the previous data charge would be removed and not only was it not removed but there was a new one. I absolutely despise this company. I will never go with you guys again and i will be more than happy to tell all my friends how much you rip people off. GOODBYE KOODO!!!

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So who did you go to, Leanne?
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1. Turning on data to send MMS is required on any HSPA+ phone regardless of the plan you have. This is the same on every carrier in Canada so switching won't solve the issue. 2. There are alternatives to using MMS. You could send the picture through Facebook, email, BBM, WhatsApp, and so on... All of those can be done on WiFi without turning on data at all. I'm sorry you kept getting that $5 charge but that's an unfortunate side effect of how the HSPA network operates. Some phones are capable of modifying apn settings to avoid using any kind of Internet use when turning data in but it's hit or miss. Enjoy your new carrier.