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Does Koodo online or store actually sell a phone outright?

I bought a phone outright last year and put the phone on pre-paid.  I tried to get another phone a few days ago and the store said they (and every other store) won't sell me a phone without a 2yr term.  They said I had to buy the phone on-line and then come in to activate on pre-paid SIM card.  I tried buying a Samsung S5 neo but Koodo won't let me checkout without a term.  Any suggestions on how I can get this phone from Koodo on a pre-paid SIM card?  I noticed Telus will sell me the phone without a plan for the same price as Koodo.

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Koodo won't sell any phone outright where the retail value is more than 500$. The reason is that there are some discounts built into the device pricing that koodo can only recoup by having you as a customer for 90 days.

If you have a post paid account you can buy the phone through selfserve or at a kiosk outright. But I'm afraid Koodo won't sell you it otherwise.

Other retailer partners like wlamart or bestbuy.ca have different policies so you may have more luck there.

If you know a koodo post paid customer you could ask them to buy it for you.
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Based on your comment, you could buy it outright from Telus, then, and bring it to Koodo.