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Does it cost if you receive a MMS message when you can only download it if the data is on? What is mceFramework?

Hi, I just got a Nexus 5 and before I had a blackberry. I don't have a plan with data, so I have my mobile data turned off. Now when someone sends me a picture text (MMS message) I can't access it unless I turn my mobile data on. When I had my blackberry (still no data) I always got the photos without having to change any settings. Is it charging me when I do this? If so, is there a way to download the text images without turning on the data. Also, what is mceFramework? It doesn't open. Thanks!

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If you are on a Wi-Fi network and download the MMS you won't be charged. Unfortunately, when you'll have no Wi-Fi available, pay attention no to download the picture because when you open your data some other apps may use It and you will get charged for this...
When I have Wi-Fi it won't download either, saying that mobile data is disabled.
Hi Melanie, to my knowledge in order to send/receive MMS with any smartphone, you need data. If you are connected to wifi, then you shouldn't be charged for the data used for MMS, but it still needs to be enabled for it to work. From another source: WiFi doesn't work because the MMS gateway is behind a firewall that's only accessible if you're on the cellular network. I would suggest using an alternate messaging service that uses wifi for picture messaging, like WhatsApp.