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Does anyone know which variant of the LG G5 is sold by Koodo?

Just curious which variant it is.  I'm guessing it's the H830 or H820, but it could also be the H860 which would be awesome because that one is dual-SIM...

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Hello Ian

I don't think it's the dual-SIM because it would've been mentioned in the phones specs, no?
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H831, not dual-SIM.
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At the time of writing, no carrier phones in Canada are dual-sim. If there were any chance of it being dual-sim, carriers would make sure that manufacturers would block any additional sim slots.
Carriers in Canada want to be the only network in your handset. This is not likely to change any time soon. Dual/multi-sim devices available on the grey market such as Amazon/eBay, or electronic stores (Canada Computers, Best Buy, Staples) but not available on subsidy with carriers.
The LG G5 on Koodo would be the Canadian variant, Telus subsidy firmware (if applicable).