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Does anyone know if Koodo will Receive the Samsung A5 or A line in general (2017) ? Or is that a US specific Phone model?

Samsung A5 models. 

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We'll need to wait till Koodo announces it... usually they are very tight lipped about their future phones regardless of the model 🙂
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You can sign up for updates directly from manufacturer by following this link.
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I wouldn't be surprised to see it soon in Canada, either with Koodo or Virgin on PC Mobile postpaid
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Samsung A line is mid-range, right? I suppose 2016 has redefined budget/mid-range/premium phones where cheap $200 phones pump 16 GB internal storage.
If current trends continue, the A series 2017 Samsung would likely start at $50 on a tab medium, then go to $0 on a tab medium, then go to $0 on tab medium plus $50-150.gift card on new activations, then eventually go to $0 on tab small, and liquidate at $0 on tab small plus.gift card on new activations. Since it pumps 32 GB storage, it'd carry its value.
Looking at GSM Arena, the phone is hardly worth entertaining (for now). Ships with Android 6.0.1, just like 2016 phones. I'd expect a 2017 phone to ship with Nougat. I would imagine that if it were to launch with Canadian wireless carriers, it'd probably ship with Nougat (just like the J3 in Canada ships with Marshmallow and nano sim, but older, international variants shipped with Lollipop and micro sim).
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I wouldn't be surprised if the A-5 2017 is pushed to be like the replacement for the S5 Neo, so like a S-6 Neo (sorta)
the S5 Neo is going End Of Line soon at most retailers