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Does a T-Mobile sim card work in an Android phone?

Wondering if a T-Mobile sim card works in an Android phone? Anyone know? Then I could just switch sim cards when in the U.S.

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The answer to this depends on what android phone you're talking about and if it is unlocked. I can tell you that the Samsung S2x does once unlocked.
Unlocked Moto Atrix HD.
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Yes, as long as the frequencies match up. I don't think you'll have an issue. Canada/US carriers are very similar in their networks and frequencies with the exceptions being guys like Wind, Mobilicity, etc.
Before T-Mobile sim card,Make sure your Android phone is unlocked. If it's network restricted phone means,you will need to unlock your mobile.For unlocking you can approach your service provider or else try to buy an unlocking service from any one of the online unlocking service provider like http://www.unlocking4free.com/unlock-your-phone They will provide free unlocking service for old mobile models only.