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Do I need a new sim card?

I am thinking of upgrading my Samsung S4 (model SGH-I337M) to either the Moto G Plus or Play.  Will I need to buy a new sim card?  I am pretty sure it is a matter of size compatibility, but how do I know what size card I have and what size the new phone will need?

Thanks for your help.

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If you get your new phone from koodo, they are all compatible, I upgraded main too.
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Assuming you mean the moto G4 plus or the moto G4 play, they both take a micro sim card, the same size as the Samsung S4.
Thathe would be another question ... are the Moto G Plus and Play currently on Koodo'so website the 4th generation?
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The phones sold by koodo are the G⁴ plus and the G⁴ play. Motorola never sold a moto G plus or play prior to these phones.
Awesome. Thanks everyone
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The Moto G⁴ Play and Moto G⁴ Plus are indeed fourth generation devices that are part of the Moto G family. See the titles in both articles below. https://motorola-mobility-en-in.custhelp.com/app/product_page/faqs/p/30,6720,9686//#/how_do_i https://motorola-global-portal-en-ca.custhelp.com/app/product_page/faqs/p/30,6720,9809/