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Dissatisfied and frustrated with service

Over a year ago, a phone (Galaxy Note 2) that I was very happy with suddenly didn't turn on anymore. I assumed it was a battery issue, so I went to the kiosk nearby and asked for help. They informed me that there was nothing they could do since they didn't stock those phones anymore and had no access to the battery. I was then instructed that since my tab for the phone was paid off that I could get a new phone. After discussing the parts of the Note 2 that I liked, and my needs, they recommended a Moto G. which would be in the exact same price range. I agreed to switch phones and start my tab over. The phone does not fit my needs at all and is in no way similar to the Note 2, but I didn't realize it fast enough.

Within a week the new phone no longer worked properly. The screen is half blurry, and sometimes activates itself (meaning if texting, it would add letters I did not press, or if playing games it would activate buttons I was nowhere near). I was told of a return policy, but I had exceeded the allowable text messages, so I just dealt with it. Honestly, I'm not the type of customer that complains or calls in too often. I understand the business. So I skipped seeking help for something like this since after the last issue I had with my phone and getting no help, I assumed this would be no different. I just dealt with it.

Then I found a battery for the Note 2 and decided to test it, and VOILA the Note 2 worked again. I put the Moto G aside as a backup, and even though I was paying a tab for a phone I wasn't happy with, I had service and knew it was too late to correct.

But now, by Note 2 is shutting down, and not charging as well as it should. I've needed to bring the Moto G back out, and I'm frustrated all over again with the lack of space, glitchy screen, and how it's nowhere near what I expected when told by the kiosk rep that it was comparable to what I had.

I'm looking into other options, but in the end I still have to finish paying for a phone I was wrongly recommended by Koodo staff. It's very frustrating because I've been with Koodo for over a decade I believe, across 3 provinces, and no issues whatsoever with service. But this Moto G is just awful, and I feel stuck with a product I never wanted. 

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You do have 15 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange the Moto G. According to Koodo's reasonable usage policy: If your usage stays within the limits below, we’ll waive your first bill. If your usage exceeds any one of these limits, you can still return or exchange your phone but you’ll be responsible for your bill. Details on reasonable usage: 30 minutes of talk time (local and/or long distance) 50 text messages (incoming and outgoing) 50 MB data
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Rikkster, he mentioned that it was "over a year ago" that his Note 2 was having issues and he switched to the Moto G, so the 15 days is long past.
Joe, as far as your Moto G, do you know which version it is?  Is it the 1st Generation (model X1032) or the Moto G 3rd Gen (model XT1540).  Either way, neither would have been a suitable replacement for the Note 2.  Based on what my local multibrand stores (Walmart Wireless, The Mobile Shop) sell, the agent should have suggested maybe the LG G3 (or G4 if it was available) as it has a larger screen, better processor, larger hard drive...compared to the Moto G.  I haven't known any multi-brand retailer to carry any Note Series phones since the Note 2, but I don't know if a Koodo store/kiosk did.
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Jru Gordon wrote:

Rikkster, he mentioned that it was "over a year ago" that his Note 2 was having issues and he swi...

You are correct Jru. If I delete that one line, it'll all make sense. I was focusing more toward clarifying this line in Joe's post: "I was told of a return policy, but I had exceeded the allowable text messages, so I just dealt with it". To me, this implies that Joe wasn't aware that he could have brought the phone back, despite exceeding the text message limit. Now he knows.
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Agreed with rikkster. If the 15 days and the 30 minutes talk/50 MB data/50 SMS is not enough, you can escalate and they can double it if they have to, if it's to keep a Koodo customer happy by calling customer service.
Which Moto G did you acquire? Was it the G4 Play or the G4 Plus? The G series has traditionally been Moto's upper budget line. The Note 2 was a Samsung flagship. If you want a premium phone with Koodo, Moto's Z/Z Play are far better phones, and would be more comparable to the Note 2. If you prefer to stick to Samsung, sometimes Koodo has awesome sales on the S6.
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Titan, read my post, about how the issue with the Note 2 (and the upgrade to the Moto G) was over a year ago, according to Joe.  So the Moto G4 series wasn't out yet, that's why I'm assuming either the X1032 or XT1540.
Good point on the Moto Z/ Moto Z Play, unfortunately I don't think they were available when Joe had the original issue.
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Here are your Warranty/Repair options with Koodo.

Also, Koodo has been in existence for under a decade