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Discounts on Android phones

I think that Koodo should offer the same discounts ($75-$100) on high end Android phones as they do on iPhones. This would make these phones much more affordable to people who want a good phone but are on a budget. EX: Samsung Galaxy S5 costs $725 With a Tab M discount of $300 it costs $425 With an additional $100 discount it would be only $325 This is much more affordable to most people. This, combined with the recently suggested Family Plan would be a major incentive for my family to switch to Koodo.

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Sounds like a really good idea but I don't know how hard Koodo's financial department would hit.
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Hey Noah,
Thanks for the idea. We don't have any offers for this right now, but you never know. Keep an eyes our on our Facebook page. If we have an offer will show it there first.