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Disable voicemail asking for password when calling from my cell phone

When ever I check my voicemail from my phone it asks for my password Is there a way tobdisable that so that itbtakes me right into my voicemail menu?

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Hi, Adrian I believe you have to enter the password every time you access your voicemails because of security issues like somebody could take your phone and mess with your voicemail contents:( But, I think you can turn that off if you are on an iPhone. Check out this discussion: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4459342 And just in case, check out this site too: http://forums.androidcentral.com/motorola-droid/1422-voicemail-password.html Hope this helps:)
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There is also visual voicemail you could set up in order to not put a password for your voicemail!
Thanks guys
Actually, there is a simple way to skip entering your password. I searched this forum for half an hour before finding the correct answer.

It's not explained clearly, so I will rephrase here:
  • Log on to your Voicemail
  • Option 4 for Personal Options
  • Option 2 for Administrative Options
  • Option 1 for Password Options
  • Option 3 to Enable/Disable the Passcode Skip Function
Full voicemail menu: