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Difficulty to load the e bill detals

Problem to down load the e bill details

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Hello James. What is your problem? Do.you have an error.message? Have you tried another browser?
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Try clearing your browser history/cache/cookies. I find it works best for me on chrome but Firefox also works as a secondary browser. Of course your not limited to either. Sometimes disconnecting and re connecting to the page can help as well. Just give it a little bit and try again. If it's regarding billing issues(payment issues/problems with your bill), we cannot assist with making the changes only suggestions as to why it happened. So if you need to speak with someone try sending Koodo a Facebook PM and they will try and get back to you in a timely manner. Keep in mind there can and most likely will still be a wait time for a response.
Hi, Robert/Chadwick

Eventually I got my e-bill. However I had query with the partial charge $10.67 stated underneath the heading of "Your Koodo Tab" for the period of Dec 28 - Jan 5, while there is another $15 for the tab charge for Jan 6 - Feb 5, 2017.

May I understand $10.67 is the partial payment for the tab??? If so, I guess the balance tab charge will be $304.33 if I pay out on/abt. Mar 28,2017 (the total agreed tab cost is $360.00 when I signed up with your booth on Dec 28, 2016). After I pay out the balance tab fee, my monthly fee will be changed to $40.00 plus tax.

Please bear with you on this issue as I am 1st customer with your company & not used to read your e-bill statement.

p.s. my plan is $40 1GB 500 min. SFD.

Looking forward to your concreted response.  Thank you.
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James Chan wrote:

Hi, Robert/Chadwick

Eventually I got my e-bill. However I had query with the partial charge $10....

If this is your first bill, the $10 partial charge is for your $40 plan from the date you activated up until your bill date, not your tab charge.  That's because like all cell phone providers, your monthly plan is billed one month in advance.  So you should take another look at your bill and see that a $10 charge as partial plus the regular full month $40 charge for the plan.  You're charged $15 every month towards paying down your tab - that's the tab amount divided by 24 months..  You're on a tab so every month you will be billed the $15 tab charge (tab 360/24=15 tab charge). Next month and months after that, you'lll see your current tab balance reduced by $15. You can pay off your tab with a credit card and stop being billed the tab charge but not sure why you'd want to do that
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Hi James - you activated on Dec. 28, but your billing cycle did not begin until Jan. 5. The partial charges are for your monthly plan, divided by the number of days used until your billing cycle begins. Your fist bill consists of these partial charges, plus your first full month in advance - every Canadian service provider bills for service in advance. Page 3 of your ebill will explain this in detail. The $10.67 is for usage between Dec. 28 - Jan. 5 only. The tab is not charged during this period. Your $15 tab charge is applied to your first full billing period (Jan. 5 - Feb. 6) and will be billed at $15 each month. Hope that helps.
Hi, Cameron/Ranjan

Thank you for your explanation - now I realize what $10.67 is for.