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Difficulty accessing free wifi ANYWHERE with new Moto G

I got a new Moto G and I always try to access free wifi wherever I can. But I haven't been able to connect to any free wifi zones, like in a mall or at a coffee shop. Whenever I try to connect, my phone keeps saying that it's "connecting" and then it changes to "acquiring IP address", and then goes back and forth from the two, without ever fully connecting to it. It's a pain, because this means I can't use free wifi wherever available and instead I have to use my limited amount of data. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help!

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If you dive into the wifi settings one of them mentions something about keeping you off poor wifi signals. Turn that off.
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Also make sure that you open a browser and accept the terms of service for the free wifi your connecting to, if you don't do this then the wifi won't fully connect.
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Go to Settings > Wi-Fi - tap the Wi-Fi symbol. On the next page you'll see the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Near the lower right corner of the page, tap the three dots (squares) and select Advanced. Place a checkmark in the box beside 'Avoid poor connections'. As Chad mentioned, this setting will ignore Wi-Fi networks with weak signals which would otherwise result in a poor internet connection. Experiment with the Wi-Fi optimization setting as well (the check box is on the same page as 'avoid poor connections'). I tend to disable the feature when I'm accessing a Wi-Fi hotspot in areas that are heavily congested with other wireless AP's or Wi-Fi hotspots. If you're within close proximity of a wireless hotspot, you can always switch back to minimal battery usage.