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Deleted data in messaging app and now can only receive text, but not send!!!!

Because of the appallingly small amount of internal phone memory on the Samsung Galaxy Ace II (I greatly dislike this phone as a result), I'm constantly deleated my cache, old text messages, less important apps, etc.The other day I mistakenly deleated the data for my messaging app (the stock one that comes with the phone) instead of the cache and I instantly stopped being able to send text, though can still receive them. How do I fix/replace this app?

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You can install free SMS/MMS apps from Google play such as Handcent SMS whcih is a powerful free sms/mms tools for your android Pansi SMS DeskSMS GO SMS Pro etc....
Hi there, open your sms inbox , then press menu and scroll down to message center and check if the number there is +16475800172
Hi, So, yes, that is the number saved in the messenger center. And yes I did download Handsent but I have a grew texting plan, so I'd rather use my built in app instead if one that runs thought my internet data.