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Delete Music library

I downloaded my whole music library onto my Nexus 5 with Google Music. Now I realized that its taking up most of my phones memory so I would like to delete the library from my phone but cant find an option where to do this

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according to the info on the internet, it says you should be able to go into my library, select the song you want to delete and click the menu button and select the option delete. Hope this helps
It gives you a couple of other options to free up space also Use Cloud Storage Services for All Files Rather than storing files locally on your device, you can use a cloud storage service to save your files remotely. Much like the Photos app we used earlier, these services can free up space by allowing you to delete files from your device. One thing to note with Play Music is that the app does indeed cache the songs that you play. To free up space periodically, head into the app's settings, then tap Clear Cache. http://nexus5.wonderhowto.com/how-to/free-up-storage-space-your-nexus-5-plus-keep-from-getting-full-0154716/
Thanks Jennifer, I've discovered how to delete a song, but that becomes a monumental task when you have over 2000 installed.
Same thing with pictures, I can delete one at a time from my phone but can't select them all and get rid of them